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The following are links to Craniosacral & Visceral Manipulation websites:

Jeffrey Burch
Jeffrey Burch specializes in Rolfing® structural integration, visceral manipulation, cranial manipulation, and Upledger CranioSacral Therapy. Jeffrey has utilized these techniques to provide treatment for chronic pain carpal tunnel, TMJ, and many other conditions.

The Barral Institute
The Barral Institute is an international organization providing continuing education and certification based on the innovative therapies developed by world-renowned French Osteopath and Physical Therapist, Jean-Pierre Barral.

Milne Institute
Milne Institute Inc. offers training which combines the analytic and the intuitive approaches to craniosacral work in a meditative setting.

The Upledger Institute
Upledger institute offers trainings worldwide in craniosacral technique, visceral manipulation and lymphatic drainage.

The following are links to Structural Integration websites:

Hellerwork International
Information regarding the Hellerwork series, practitioner lists, trainings and more can be found here.

The Rolf Institute
This is the original school for the teachings of Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

The Guild for Structural Integration
This school was founded by two of the first teachers trained by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

The following are links to spiritual healing websites:

Daisy Thompson at Northwest Healing Studio.
Daisy is a world-renowned energy intuitive and healer who can see, feel, and hear the human energy fields and works to bring balance within all levels of a being.

Eric Thorton
As a Spiritual Healer and Medium, Eric Thorton has found a profound new avenue to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing. He accomplished this by combining the gifts of healing with those of the medium. The process has been aptly named Eternal Phychology™. Eric's unique ability to integrate are now available to all for therapeutic and healing purposes.

The following are links to self-care websites:

Elizabeth Rainey
Rainey is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. She has practiced yoga over ten years and has taught since 2000. Her intention is to create a fun, safe and sacred space for others to nourish their spirit, connect with their bodies and explore their infinite potential. She is known for her humor and clarity and she relishes sharing this beautiful journey called Yoga with her students.

Seattle Yoga Arts
Founded by Denise Benitez, this sweet studio is an Anusara refuge located in the Capital Hill area of Seattle. This studio is the center of the thriving and supportive Seattle Anusara yoga community.

The Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine
They provide dynamic Qigong instruction that supports people in fulfilling their inherent potential by powerfully transforming their health and lives through understanding, experiencing and applying principles of body-qi-mind integration.

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