Distance healing – Online sessions

Can you imagine someone being able to focus in on you and read your energy in a way that informs them how to best help you?

Would you like to address physical structures that are rarely ever dealt with and are often at the root of your chronic pain? 

If so, can you imagine learning how to treat restrictions around your spinal cord, in and around your organs, nerves, arteries, bones and cranium?

Blocked energy flow can cause spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges. Would you like to learn ways to unblock log jammed energy (a natural event that happens due to stress) by learning customized guided home practices?

Do you often feel you are barreling in the wrong direction and can’t stop and change?

Do you feel like the magic in your life is sometimes just out of reach?

Can you sense that there is more to life than just your physical existence?

Do you feel slightly off track and know that your inner guidance is very close by?

Can you imagine healing, feeling more empowered and connected to yourself and those around you?

If so, let’s connect. My goal is to help you heal and feel great!

This work draws from my years of studying and teaching Visceral Manipulation, Cranial Sacral Techniques and Structural Integration combined with my deeply cultivated intuition and perception of energy.

“I am so amazed by Michael. Via virtual sessions, he has taught me new levels of self-healing that I did not realize were possible. I feel empowered to make changes in my body/energy that I previously thought were only available in person and with a practitioner present. I have done many, many hours of other forms of healing/therapy and working with Michael feels like the next level I didn’t realize I was ready for. Michael is very intuitive, kind, gentle, and open. He works to teach me just the right modalities to use on myself both during and between our sessions. He sends a thorough followup summary I can refer back to when needed. I am so grateful to have found him and highly recommend his work!”

Liz W 

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What does a session look like?

Sessions are a very creative and unique experience. We connect over video or phone. I ask that you are in a quiet and comfortable setting with the ability to sit comfortably with enough space to lie down to practice different movements if needed. We will talk about the issues you are seeking help for and then take a moment to sit quietly together. I am able to resonate with you and this allows me to discern where we will start, what the priorities for the session are and to perceive into the potential root causes of the challenges you may be having.

From there, I may guide you to work on yourself with your hands and possibly use some basic props to facilitate tissue organization that will address the often overlooked anatomy at root cause behind physical dysfunction. I may teach you techniques to work with your own energy field and/or help organize your energy from a distance.

This combination of work helps you heal and feel more comfortable in your body, home and being. Every session is unique and my goal is to empower you to sustain the changes with your own home practices.

I LOVE this work and I welcome you to experience a session!

Private sessions are scheduled for slightly less than 1 hour and the cost is $175.00 per session paid at the time of service. I take credit cards using the Ivy Pay app at the beginning of the session.

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