Infants & Children – Online & in person sessions

My goal is to to empower families with clear and tangible ways of balancing their little ones body while helping to regulate their nervous system through easy, gentle and focused home programs. With patience, joy and a focused intention I will guide you and your little one towards more comfort, symmetry, joy and ease.

During in person sessions I will make assessments of your little one, treat them and teach you how to support the work and changes from the session with a clear and easy to practice home program.

During online sessions I will make assessments over our video call and teach you how to touch your little one therapeutically.  I will also show you clear ways to move their body in support of the session goals.

“Within one virtual session with Michael, the jaw, head, and face muscles of my 3 month old released their tension and you could literally see him be at ease. Until then breastfeeding was challenging and his latch was tight and painful. Michael was able to quickly zone in on the root issue and explain it in a way that was easy to understand and empowering to continue working with our little one. Highly recommend his services!”

Jessica M.

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Does your little one…

Favor turning their head to one side?

Have a torticollis diagnosis?

Act irritated much of the time?

Appear to be have breathing difficulties?

Have a hard time with breast feeding, latching and suckling?

Prefer one position while feeding?

Seem uncomfortable most of the time?

Have excessive spit up?

Spend a lot of time arching?

Keep their hands clenched up around their chin much of the time?

Has asymmetry in their head or body?

Have imbalances from forceps or a vacuum?

How about you…

Do you feel completely exhausted and spread thin by being a new parent? 

Are you afraid that you’re doing the wrong thing or not enough for your family and child?

Are you struggling to assess the needs of your newborn?

Do you feel under-resourced and lacking in sufficient support structure to help you manage new parenthood?

Are you sleep, time, and energy deprived?

Is your self-care suffering? 

If so, this work can offer focused bodywork, customized home programs and a new healing perspective to help you and your little one thrive.

I love this work and I love sharing it with others!

What does a session look like?

I will make visual and hands-on (for in person work) assessments based on my decades of working with little ones and design a program and teach you how to treat your infant with hands-on work and therapeutic movements.  The body is designed to move with ease and when restrictions are present, discomfort and potential problems develop.  Every treatment is unique because each little one requires treatment specific to their body’s needs.

This work treats the whole, when the whole is balanced most infants and children feel better and are more vibrant.

Private sessions are scheduled for slightly less than 1 hour and the cost is $175.00 per session paid at the time of service. I accept cash, check and credit cards.

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