The human body is designed to move in very specific ways.  Many chronic pain issues, including TMJ dysfunction have their origins rooted in body restrictions often poorly understood, rarely assessed and usually not treated.  The lungs are covered in a membrane called the visceral pleura, the ribcage is lined with a continuation of that same tissue called the parietal pleura.  These two membranes are separated by a small amount of serous fluid that allows these layers to appropriately glide against one another when working properly.

Pain and muscle tensions throughout the body often result when restrictions like the ones mentioned above are present in the body.  The lungs also have individual lobes, three in the right lung and two in the left one.  These lobes should be able to glide against one another as well, when they lose that ability the body protects these areas by tightening muscles throughout the body.  So ultimately, the lungs are protected but the cost is high because the body loses proper motion which often results in pain and tension throughout the body.

When I treat people with TMJ issues, more times than not, the lungs are in need of treatment.  The tensions could have ended up there from a past car accident, pneumonia, infection or surgery to name a few possibilities.  The good news is that these issues are easily assessed and treated, supporting the road to healing, health and comfort.