I am often asked, “What modality do you practice?” My answer: I seamlessly bring together all of my training to offer custom tailored, hands-on therapies specific to your current needs. So to say I practice one modality is limiting, I study human anatomy and practice hands-on therapy.

The spinal cord should glide within the vertebrae, the lungs should slide and rotate within the ribcage and next to the heart, the greater omentum (Image 1) should be able to glide against the parietal peritoneum anterior to it and the small intestines that lie posterior, our twenty feet of small intestines should glide against each other and their neighbors (Image 2), bones should be able to bend a small amount, individual vertebrae need to articulate appropriately with each other and our nerves and circulatory system are made of connective tissues that should be flexible and mobile in places.

I am describing many of the overlooked tissues, that when restricted, cause wide spread myofascial tension and pain syndromes. When people experience impacts, trauma and surgeries, the body looses its ability to be adaptive and healthy because of restrictions in structures like the ones listed above. These types of structures and more need to move correctly for people to feel great, be flexible and live pain free.

More information is listed in this section about the modalities I have studied along the way:

Cranial Sacral

Infants & Children

Visceral Manipulation


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