Welcome! My name is Michael Hahn and the work I offer is designed to help heal chronic pain, injuries and tension. I work with adults, children and newborns at my practice in Bend, Oregon.

The work synergistically blends 25 years of deep, anatomical inquiry with a passion to offer the most effective techniques to root out the blocks behind your body’s restrictions.  Imagine what is possible.

I LOVE this work and I welcome you to experience a session!

Has anyone addressed:

Restrictions around your spinal cord?

Strains in your organs?

Tensions in your nerves and arteries?

Compressions in your spine and cranium?

Log jammed energy (a natural event that happens due to stress)?

Interested in working together?

Reach out to me by phone or email and we will discuss the issues you would like to address and see if the work is a good match.

For existing clients please reach out to schedule appointments.  Online scheduling is not available at this time for new or existing clients.

What is the work called?

Well, I have formal training in Hellerwork Structural Integration,  Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, but the bulk of my knowledge has evolved during the 30,000 hours of treating folks since 1999.  So basically, I practice gentle hands-on bodywork that gets the body moving as nature intended so it has a greater chance of healing itself.


“Michael’s knowledge and expertise sets his work apart. His touch, deceptively light, accesses deeply held areas previously hidden from other really fine bodyworkers. I am consistently muttering, “Who knew,” as I get up from his table to find yet another layer of holding dissolved. I unequivocally recommend his work to any one searching to resolve chronic issues unaddressed by other modalities.”

Lisa O

“I appreciate the depth and scope of Michael’s work, yet all delivered with such gentle precision. I’ve been a chiropractor for over 25 years and have been blessed to experience a wide array of alternative healing methods. I always recommend that my patients see someone for visceral manipulation. Do yourself a big favor and book an appointment with Michael Hahn. He is one of the finest in his field.”

Denise R

“Noticeable relief for my infant! Michael helped my infant tremendously over the course of three treatments, with her muscle tightness. After each visit we could see noticeable improvement in her mobility and (sustained) comfort. He is also very honest and does not over-promise the results, but is truly very talented and experienced. Highly recommend him to anyone who might be seeking relief from chronic pain!”

Mimi Y

“When I walked into Michael’s office my skeletal system felt like it was in a tornado. Twists in my spine, one hip higher and in front of the other, I pivoted on one foot when I walked, I was a mess. I had been seeing a traditional chiropractor three times a week for about four months, at the time of my first appointment with Michael, which had helped a little for short periods of time. After my first appointment with Michael (part way through actually) I realized that something different was happening to my body. Within a few minutes I didn’t pivot while walking (still don’t three months later), within a few more minutes my hips were even, by the end of the one hour session I was literally about two inches taller and left learning how to move in this new, healthy way. I’ve seen Michael three times in as many months and this treatments work, work well, and last. I will continue to see Michael on an as needed basis (which I suspect will be something like four times a year). I don’t understand what it is he does or how or why it works, and my experience is that it DOES in fact work and work better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Very glad to have crossed paths with Michael Hahn.”

Shane M

“Michael has provided game-changing body work for our mutual patients as well as for myself and family members. He has a gentle and direct way of honing in on areas to address that can free restrictions across body regions and body systems. His work is often a key to unlock that tricky element holding your healing back. I highly recommend him!”

Fawn C

I’m not new to receiving body work, hellerwork, or cranial therapy, so I can say from experience that Michael is the greatest in his field. With only 3 sessions so far, I feel better than I ever have. My ankle swelling has gone down and my range of motion has significantly improved. What I love about this work compared to others is that it is long lasting and effective. Michael is kind, and really targets the full anatomy of the body to get the job done. I recommend him to anyone who wants a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Leah F.

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