About Michael

I am professionally trained in Hellerwork, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. I have been practicing osteopathic style hands-on bodywork for over 23 years.

I continue to train with practitioners who are pioneers in the field of hands-on manual therapy and advanced energy techniques.

I regularly lecture and demonstrate this work and I have been teaching bodywork skills to manual therapists throughout the country since 2001.

Hands-on Modalities I have Trained in

Cranial Sacral Therapy

“Michael Hahn’s openness to experience, inquiring mind, intellectual honesty, manual sensitivity, and genuine caring place him in the top few percent of visceral and cranial therapists. I highly recommend Michael Hahn both as a practitioner and as a teacher.”

Jeffery Burch, Rolfer & Instructor

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Cranial Sacral Therapy allows for unique assessments from a detailed anatomical vantage point. The physical core of this system includes the brain, the spinal cord, the cerebral spinal fluid, the cranial bones and the vertebrae, all of which are intimately connected by the dura, a strong continuous wrapping of the brain and spinal cord. This system has a unique fluid rhythm like that of your breath and heart based on the cerebral spinal fluid that is continuously added to and drained from the inside of the brain and spinal cord. This rhythm can be felt and worked with therapeutically throughout the entire body.

When trauma occurs it can impede the movement of this system, reducing resiliency and potentially leading to dysfunction. Cranial Sacral Therapy helps balance these tissues and tides so the inherent rhythm can express itself appropriately, aiding in the body’s ability to reorganize and heal. Cranial Sacral Therapy helps people heal from headaches, TMJ dysfunction, chronic pain as well as many other issues.

There are many forms and styles of Cranial Sacral Therapy. Depending on what organization a practitioner has trained in you will see it called Craniosacral Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Cranial or Cranio Manipulation. Basically, they are all variations of working with this deep and core part of our being.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle and extremely effective form of hands-on manipulation to help restore proper function and movement to the tissues of the entire body while dramatically reducing chronic pain and tension. Visceral Manipulation offers quick assessment and powerful hands-on techniques for the ENTIRE body, not just the viscera (organs).

The treatments are guided by precise assessments that allow the practitioner to establish where, when and how to treat the body. With this system the practitioner is able to work with: bones, ligaments, joints, membranes, dural and cranial restrictions (tissues wrapping spinal cord and brain), tensions within arteries and nerves, strains inside brain tissue, and of course organs and their supporting membranes.

This work was developed and continues to be advanced by French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral. Barral is a brilliant and creative pioneer in the field of Osteopathy who continues to quickly advance this work. Originally trained as a physical therapist and searching for more resources he entered the European School of Osteopathy, graduating in 1975. His curiosity became piqued after reports from his clients that a folk healer in the foothills of the local mountains had helped their chronic back pain by working the tissues in their abdomen. Looking deeper into the anatomy of the organs, especially the abdomen, he began to realize the important role the membranes and ligaments played in the health and comfort of the body. This exploration led to years of practice and the development of Visceral Manipulation. Jean-Pierre Barral has combined amazing assessment techniques with the best of Osteopathic manipulation.

Citing his development of Visceral Manipulation (VM), Jean-Pierre Barral was named one of TIME magazine’s Top Healing Innovators to watch in the new millennium.

Hellerwork Structural Integration

Hellerwork is a series of hands-on therapy sessions developed by Joseph Heller from Ida Rolf’s work known as Rolfing®. The work combines movement re-education and dialogue to facilitate long term changes in the body and being. The goals of the work are to restore proper function to the tissues of the body, align the body in the field of gravity and help people feel a deeper sense of connection with themselves.

Structural Integration is the umbrella term used to describe the work of Rolfing®, Hellerwork and many of schools that originated from her work. Ida Rolf was greatly influenced by osteopathic traditions and spent her career developing and fine tuning her work.

The work creates fluid movement and flexibility throughout the body, while movement re-education helps you move efficiently, supporting the changes that take place during the sessions. Dialogue offers you an opportunity to explore attitudes and belief that may be limiting you from healing while nurturing the ones that are supportive.

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