In person sessions – Bend, Oregon

During the first session we will discuss your health history, your current healthcare concerns and your goals with this work. I will make a comprehensive assessment of your body/being, including: your joints, bones (yes bones can loose flexibility), tendons, ligaments, organs, organ membranes, your spinal cord, cranium, circulatory system and the flow of your lymphatic system.  I also work to improve the flow of energy throughout your system. Once the assessments are completed we will get started with your treatment.  The work is gentle, comprehensive and very effective.

I will share with you what I discover and how we will work to restore proper function. I always take time to educate you about my findings and to offer as many resources as possible to help support your healing. I ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing to receive the work in.

Private sessions are scheduled for slightly less than 1 hour and the cost is $200.00 per session.  I accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard.

Location: 20230 Bronze Street Bend, Oregon 97703

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