“Michael Hahn’s openness to experience, inquiring mind, intellectual honesty, manual sensitivity, and genuine caring place him in the top few percent of visceral and cranial therapists. I highly recommend Michael Hahn both as a practitioner and as a teacher.”

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There are many types of headaches and the causes can vary dramatically. One of the underlying components with headaches is often swelling, pressure and restrictions in a variety of tissues. I am able to assess the body and determine the most potent places to work, applying gentle releases to tissues such as; nerves, arteries, cranial bones and membranes which are often overlooked in the treatment of headaches. The good news is that people respond very well to this type of gentle, hands-on therapy. Most people see significant improvement during the first one to five treatments.

More about headaches

Headaches take many shapes and sizes, muscle contraction or tension headaches are the most commonly occurring. These types of headaches seem to occur either in the early morning or mid to late afternoon. Tension headaches are often due to an “overloaded nervous system” caused by trauma, physical strain and emotional stress. Usually it is a combination of these causing the muscles of the head, jaw, neck and upper back to be stuck in a constant firing pattern not allowing the tissues to relax.

Migraine headaches are a bit more complicated and have more of a biochemical component. Symptoms may include the appearance of an aura which is a disturbance in the visual field, pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of balance and sweating. Often people experience throbbing and pulsing on one side of the head and exercise exacerbates the symptoms. Episodes can last from a few hours to a few days and occurrence is more common in women with heredity as a factor. Migraines seem to happen at any time but commonly upon waking. Advance warnings include visual disturbances, confusion and often seeing an aura or light.

Cluster headaches tend to occur early in the morning or a few hours after going to bed. Often they occur a few times a day for many days or weeks in a row followed by periods of months or years with out symptoms. The pain from cluster headaches is usually sharp and pointed often behind one eye, the forehead or temple and can radiate into the neck and jaw. These types of headaches are not exacerbated by exercise and usually last less than two hours. Other symptoms include sinus congestion and the face breaking out in a sweat.

More about Michael’s treatment

I take a thorough evaluation to help gain insight into the possible and unique causes at play for each person. I will clearly communicate my treatment plan and welcome your feedback and input during the process. Treatment will include assessments and gentle manipulations to restore proper function to the tissues of your body. I will assist you in looking at any outside factors contributing to your headaches such as; how you align and use your body, how to gain resources to manage emotional stress and how to physically support this work through the use of a stretching and strengthening routine.


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