Good day. How are your body and soul holding up during this time of grief, loss, civil unrest and exaggerated division among humanity?

When I work on you in person, I did the work. Now I can show YOU how to release your dura, balance your organs, spine and cranium while also tuning into and organizing your energy system.

Does that sound far fetched? It isn’t!

“I have been a client of Michael’s for over 11 years. After my initial shoulder problem was taken care of, I continued to see him every six months for maintenance. During those 11 years, he’s become my go to guy. Michael has treated virtually every member of my family with amazing results. I credit him for keeping my 96-year-old mother mobile till her death eight years ago. I recently did a couple of zoom sessions with Michael. Not only did I receive the same level of skill and intuition that I always found so helpful, but I also got the tools and information to do my own bodywork! I don’t believe you will ever find anyone as dedicated, skilled and caring as Michael.”

Renee M.

Activate your inner healer, take charge and learn supportive lifelong skills.

  • Interested in finding tangible practices to feel energized?
  • Would you like guidance from an intuitive, gentle and earnest person (me) to guide your healing?
  • Would you like custom tailored support that addresses the next steps for you to take towards greater organization?

If so, let’s connect. My goal is to help you heal and feel great! I am deeply passionate about the work I offer as a distance healer and would love to support you in any way I can.

The Distance Healing I am offering is guided by my deep intuition and the wonderful results come from treating in the right order and knowing how much is the right amount.

I offer Free 20-Minute Consultations to help those of you new to Distance Healing find out if the work is right for you. See the scheduling button below.