Good day! Having a hard time recovering from an injury, fall, car accident etc? Often after an accident it can take months for the body to find a new equilibrium and often the function of your anatomy has been reduced. That loss leads to global restrictions, leg length imbalances and pain throughout the body. It can be very common to chase these imbalances with many modalities and never get to the root. That’s the bad news.

The good news….This work has the ability to root out the often overlooked anatomy that when restricted causes these global problems and when corrected can offer miraculous changes.

During a first session comprehensive assessments are made and that knowledge is shared with you so you can understand the drivers behind the issues you are seeking help for. From there, gentle treatments are used to get your system functioning and regulating as designed.

Interested in experiencing a dynamic healing session customized for the issues you are dealing with?

If so, give me a call and let’s figure this out together.


Michael Hahn, LLC



“Each session with Michael goes deeper than the last. His insight, intuition, and expertise are so unique and have given me more understanding of my “human vessel”. I appreciate his gentle manner, professionalism, and the subtle shifts that have an impact on many layers of my being (physical, mental, energetic). I look forward to my sessions every time!”