A man in his 50’s came in for a first session to help restore movement in his body that has slowly been lost over the decades.  The most limiting area in his body was a shoulder that had been “frozen” for years.  He left the office with almost full range of motion in his shoulder.

I treated many areas throughout his body but one of the biggest limiting restrictions was the joint capsule in his shoulder.  Take a look at the joint capsule image below.  Note how you can see that the joint capsule attaches beyond the actual joint.  That tissue needs to glide over the bone underneath it and glide over some of the articulating surfaces of the bones that make up the joint.

It is VERY common to have adhesions of the joint capsule to the bone and to have adhesions of the joint capsule to itself, like a pleat that has become glued to itself. The good news, these limitations are very easy to treat, which restores proper motion to the area and allows the natural fluids within the joint to flow back into the capsule.

This concept I have described applies to the most movable joints in the body, the synovial joints.  I regularly see and correct these types of restrictions in the hands, elbows, shoulders, ribs, vertebrae, knees and feet.  The potential to move freely and feel great is greatly enhanced when the joints of the body are working properly.