A client in her mid twenties came in for visceral manipulation one year after being hit by a car as a pedestrian. She had broken the head of her right radial bone at the elbow and was now plateaued with her healing.  She presented chronic pain in her right arm, elbow and hand along with a tingling sensation.  Her lower back had been painful for close to fifteen years after an earlier accident.

Over the course of four sessions the following restrictions were found and returned to proper functioning.

  1. Proper span restored to ligaments connecting the front of her upper cervical vertebrae
  2. Spinal cord glide restored in lower back
  3. Rotation of upper vertebrae restored
  4. Restored glide to major arteries in right arm
  5. Mobilized right elbow joint, humerus bone to ulnar bone
  6. Restored proper span to arteries supplying the stomach
  7. Spinal cord glide restored in mid-back
  8. Restore proper motion to the left kidney

These were some of the areas that were causing the chronic pain and numbness. After the second session the arm was completely healed and by the fourth session the back pain of fifteen years was completely better.  The work of Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Sacral Therapy offers a complete approach to dealing with chronic pain by addressing the often overlooked systems of the body.