Cranial therapy is extremely beneficial for newborns, infants and children as they move through the many stages of their development. Cranial therapy restores proper function and creates the potential for healing, growing and developing to ones full potential. All children regardless of the nature of their birth can benefit from this work.

Cranial Sacral Therapy for infants and children

Cranial work restores proper function to the tissues of the body after the birth process and during the developing years. What become individual bones during the first decade of life are made up of multiple pieces at birth that are connected by cartilage. It is crucial that they are moving properly and that they are in the correct position for proper growth and formation.

Listed below are some of the potential issues that can be helped with cranial work:

  • Babies that are irritated
  • Born cesarean
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Torticollis
  • Difficulties with breast feeding: latching, sleepy, suckling difficulties, crying while feeding, baby with position preference, sore maternal breasts
  • Baby seems uncomfortable
  • Baby who has experienced invasive procedures
  • Breeched baby
  • Excessive spitting up
  • Baby who favors turning head to one side
  • Baby who arches body during crying
  • Cranial bones or sutures (joints between cranial bones) that are uneven
  • Baby born with the use of forceps or vacuum