I see many clients a few days, weeks, months and even decades after a severe whiplash injury.  Many of these people have not fully recovered from the trauma inflicted on their bodies.  The tools and techniques I have gathered over the years offer clear and effective treatments to get to the root causes of these injuries.

One of the most overlooked residual restrictions left in the wake of a whiplash is an adhesion of the spinal cord to the vertebrae.  A normally functioning spinal cord glides almost an inch up and down within many of the vertebrae when we twist and move.  With the work I offer quick assessments can determine if this type of restriction is present and gentle treatment can restore proper function.

When function at this deep and core level has been restored people tend to feel dramatically better and the pain often clears in a very short time. This is just one example of an often overlooked restriction the body can harbor for years. The good news is they can be cleared and the body can heal.