There are many types of headaches and the causes can vary dramatically. One of the underlying components with headaches is often swelling, pressure and restrictions in a variety of tissues. The osteopathic style work I offer allows for quick assessment of the body to determine the most potent places to work.

The treatments usually include working directly with tissues such as; nerves, arteries, cranial bones and membranes which are often overlooked in the treatment of headaches. The good news is that people respond very well to this gentle, hands-on therapy and usually experience significant improvements in a short period of time.

Case history:

A client in their mid thirties came to me for chronic headaches they have been experiencing daily for the last ten years.  They are very active and have experienced a few major accidents along the way.  The initial assessment showed many deep restrictions in their body that included:

  • Frozen sacroiliac joints
  • Liver restrictions
  • Stomach ligament restrictions
  • Restrictions in the pleura of their lungs
  • Spinal cord restrictions to many of the spinal vertebrae
  • Deep membrane restrictions within the cranium
  • Severe limiting tension at the upper first two vertebrae

During the first treatment I addressed the upper neck tension, spinal cord restrictions at the level of the upper mid-back and the membrane restrictions within the head.  The client reported back after their first sessions that the headaches have stopped two days after our session, their neck functions 60% better and their lower back feels the best it has in years.

This is an example of how restrictions spread throughout the body can manifest as symptoms at a very local area, such as headaches.  When you comprehensively treat the entire person the body has a greater chance of healing itself.

A few resources for headaches: