Our spinal cord and brain are wrapped in a strong membrane called dura mater derived from the Latin “tough mother”, it is tough, inflexible and leather-like.   The bones of the head are bonded to the the dura and it attaches to the first three vertebrae in the upper neck before it glides through the rest of the vertebra descending down and attaching to the sacrum in the pelvis.

There is cerebral spinal fluid in the dura mater that nourishes the brain and spinal cord.  The cerebral spinal fluid or CSF for short, is created in the ventricles of the head.  As this fluid is being created and added to the inside of the dura the volume increase slightly.  This increased volume creates an expansion at the joints in the head and a contraction as some of it drains back into the blood supply.  This expansion and contraction happens on average between 6 to 12 times a minute.


CSF Flow

Due to injuries the joints can become restricted and the flow of fluid is slightly reduced.  Through gentle assessment and treatment these restrictions are easily treated helping the body to heal itself, reduce chronic pain and optimize its ability to heal.